Sunday, January 23, 2011

To keep the uninformed ignorant...

People of Eger, in the Sudetenland (now Cheb, Czech Republic),
greet German soldiers with the Hitler salute in October 1938.
A correspondent writes: That's what the so-called 'war on drugs' is all about.  One extreme irony of that most hated descriptor is that there is no intended reference to the 'legitimate' drugs that should also be in the crosshairs.  If the 'gubbmint' people in charge cared to give it some thought, and cared enough to ponder the meanings of statistical evidence compiled by their own minions and toadies, they would find themselves confronted with some very damning evidence that makes zero sense in the context of 'demon weed' and other illegal substances: 

One of the top five causes of death in the United States is prescription drugs. Yet, billions of dollars are spent developing and promoting these demon-pharmaceuticals, and the drug companies that market them have the backing of the FDA, AMA and other groups whose social prestigue dazzles our underinformed customer base. 

I have to say that's a chicken-shit way to go about it. Grow up. Grow Pot. Legalize it, bankrupt the DEA and let it go. ~Call Me Diogenes

I am sick to death of the greatest ongoing criminal enterprise both inside and outside of Wall Street that is not being scrutinized by the public eye. The Drug Enforcement Agency is a den of thieves. It is the most powerful 'para-military' agency on the face of the earth.

Our elected cognoscenti either know this and are complicit or are stupidly naive and oblivious to the handwriting on the wall. Either way, our national security and personal well-being is in deep danger. The war on drugs is steadily spilling across our southern border and the real reason for this is staring us right in the face.

We want the DEA investigated and audited, and we want people like Congressman Ron Paul to take on this mission.

Paul is out to abolish the Fed (which isn't a bad idea) but he is also open to legalizing marijuana and ending the war on drugs. And the facts he lays out in the above video about the war in Afghanistan equally apply to the drug-war. We say he should start digging into the DEA. We hope that someone who is close to him will pass along HOAX.

This is an urgent endeavor for America. We say that just as the police will investigate an individual for theft if others accuse him of it, so too can the Marijuana Prisoners Committee produce thousands of men who will testify the DEA came into their homes and stole money, jewelry (especially Rolex watches), cars, boats and whatever else they deemed spoils of war, just exactly as Hitler's Gestapo did.

This absolute historical parallel alone should be adequate foundation to launch an investigation. We, the Marijuana Prisoners Committee, find cause to believe the DEA
agents steal at least a hundred million dollars a year in cash above and beyond what is reported as (the legalized theft of) 'seized assets' from those they arrest and it is way past time to do something about this. ~~~

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