Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Decades of Outrage...

By comparison to what passes as 'oversight' of seized assets,
Bernie Madoff seems pure as the driven snow. Photo: TPM

The United States Government is probably the most corrupt on earth. Certainly, considering it's size. As the Tortuga Axiom makes plain in HOAX, where there is a pile of cash there are thieves.

The DEA (Drug Extortion Army) is currently the worst  and most notorious example of same on earth but it would seem the US Marshals Service may be taking a cue from their narco brethren.

Fired governmental oversight man Brian S. Aryai, has brought a whistle-blower lawsuit against the Marshal's hot shot Leonard Briskman, the man who recently headed up the Assets Forfeitures Division. Briskman was solely responsible for disposing of these seized items for top dollar and then returning said monies to people who were bilked.

Unlike the DEA, we aren't talking about flat screen TV's and race horses but complex financial instruments and securities involved in white collar crimes. Briskman was calling himself a contractor but on Uncle Sam's dime to wit: 'Asset Valuation Advisors.' The Inspector General of the Justice Department is investigating.

Still, this is petty cash compared to Drug Extortion Army agents who steal millions per day from drug dealers. inmate9 urges all readers to contact congressmen and the Inspector General. Investigate now! It's been decades of this outrage.

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