Friday, January 7, 2011

DEA = Drug Extortion Army

Photo credit: Shay Sowden
From a photo-essay published by laist
Right after the Nov. 2 election that saw the close defeat of Prop 19, the US Justice Dept., acting on orders from the DEA (Drug Extortion Army) came to Calif. and met with several Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSA) to map strategy to crush the expansion of the medical marijuana movement. First on the list is Oakland, Calif. and that city's plan to set up and license huge indoor cultivation projects so the city can benefit from badly needed taxation. Since the entire state is broke, that makes sense. 

But the DEA is having none of it. They are contemplating a broad attack on all facets of the med pot trade and Inmate9 believes that means raids on grow-sites this year. Big raids.

The DEA will deputize every cop in sight as well as the national guard and start choping by early summer. Just because Attorney General Holder said it was all right last year means nothing after Nov. 2.

He's changed his mind and we can expect no help from the Obama administration in the future. Obama has turned out to be just another expedient politician. The only diff was he was a black one and he was even a pot smoker himself!

Oh, well. If you are a med-grower and have never been involved with the cops and especially the feds, be ready for some grief. The DEA is all powerful and the feds cheat in court. No one wins against them.

Inmate9 expects to see a new surge of brothers in arms flooding in here soon. Do not forget fellow pot legalziationers, the 'exclusionary rule.' The Federal Government trumps the states in almost all things. The state laws do not protect you in any way. What we must hope for is an awakening to the brewing scandal that is the DEA theft mill.

We say subponea ten thousand drug dealers that have served or are serving time now who say they have been robed by DEA. Write your congressman and demand an investigation of the DEA.  

Don't forget, the DEA knows it's critical to defeat the legalize-marijuana-effort. If marijuana were to be legalized it would be the end for DEA and the money they steal daily from drug dealers. DEA must keep the drug cartels in control of the marijuana trade and since anyone should know so called interdiction does nothing to blunt the trade, keeping their collaborators, the cartels in control is the whole point.

The Drug Extortion Army, which number a little over 10,000 men and women, are estimated to steal over $100,000,000 in cash per year. ~~~

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