HOAX: Manifesto of the Marijuana Prisoners Committee To End the War on Drugs

Author: Michael C. Kelley, aka: Inmate9, 72-page PDF, available here for free download.

"We announce the formation of the Marijuana Prisoners Committee To End the War on Drugs," Inmate9, aka: Michael C. Kelley,  chair of the aforementioned committee and author of "HOAX: Manifesto of the Marijuana Prisoners Committee To End the War on Drugs," has a point to make.

The aim of which, according to Kelley, is to "re-steer the dialogue" of ongoing debate about, for example, whether or not pot is safe, if legalization will save money by reducing law enforcement and prison costs, or add new tax revenues to the public coffers. All of this, Kelley says, is meaningless and moot in the face of bigger and devastatingly deadlier gambits.

"The US is missing the real danger," Kelley asserts. "It's not just al-Qa'ida. It's drug-cop corruption, moral bankruptcy and the drug-lord Cartels. With their vast wealth and contacts and the violence and destabilization they are bringing across our southern border, in the interest of national defense the war on drugs must end."

Kelley's 'through the looking glass' view in HOAX, with points taken from articles published in the mainstream press and US government reports, sheds blindingly analytic light on these scathingly self-evident issues of national security.

"The point and raison d'tre for the Marijuana Prisoners Committee is to foster this change in dialog for the next election cycle," Kelley explains. His communications with the world are emailed to friends who post them to his Inmate9 blog. "To cease discussing the usual points, true though they may. They don't work."

Kelley says, and fellow inmates doing time on drug charges say with him, that the elephant in the middle of the room is hypocrisy and plain to see. Pinning-the-tail-on-this-donkey, Kelley dubbed the manifesto HOAX to macro-intensify the perspective microscopically examined therein: that the century-old system of tightening our grip isn't working and in fact is strangling us all to death.

"The corrupt practices of the DEA have brought the US to the edge of invasion by cartels and the extreme violence they breed, such as happening in Mexico now," Kelley asserts. "The politicians know this but have not publicly acknowledged this reality out of opportunism. This sadly seems to include President Obama, whom we had hoped would support critical change."

Read HOAX and laugh, or read it and weep. It is a brain-full of critical thinking scorched with humor. Published as the original type-written pages Kelley drafted in prison, the book is well worth the read on its own merits and also glimpses in brutal light the life of Inmate9.

Click here for free PDF download of HOAX.