Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Coming soon: Jesus, the missing years

Hello world... this is Mike Kelley, coming to you live from home detention in the Ozarks! I was just released from four years at the prison camp in Lompoc, CA, and it sure is good to be quasi-free.

Many of my brothers in arms are still there, serving long sentences for many crimes. One of those individuals brought a stunning revelation to my consciousness. I have always embraced atheism -- and still very likely do. But this friend with his deep devotion and profound love of Jesus has convinced me if nothing else that his views should be made known and they are stunning.

This man's name is Douglas Mayberry. He is a Black man, 66 years old, serving 20 years for drug manufacture and marijuana sales. He has come to be a man of great spiritual conviction and theological expertise.

Beginning in his youth as an Episcopalian from a well-to-do family of professionals in Alabama, he migrated and morphed into Islam and then finally to the final truth...  which ACH Publications will soon make available.

"Jesus, the Missing Years" is the first of his books that we will publish. This subject is much covered and of great interest to Christians, but all the books and videos that one will see on the Internet are, respectfully, either incorrect or incomplete or outright absurd. Doug will show you that there were witnesses there... Angels, if you please, who chronicled every year from his birth to his crucifixion. Stunning and inspiring. A beautiful work, and it is coming soon.

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