Saturday, January 8, 2011


Just as the pediphile scandal has rocked the Roman Catholic Church now for decades (and only grows), so too the astounding scandal at the DEA (Drug Extortionist Army) of blatant robbery continues unabated. Give the victims of DEA theft a chance to testify before congress as have the victims of the pervert priests and the nation will see stories such as these:

"They kept me in a contract jail for four years while the DEA browbeat me for the five million dollars I had stashed away. I made that money selling pot and hash over many years. In the end they got it all but they cut me lose on all the guns I had in my collection in return. I can still see in my minds eye that narc standing there in his Armanie suit and my rollex watch on his wrist." ~Bob Goldsten

"I had accumulated two and a half million, all from marijuana. The DEA narcs stole a quarter-million in cash and my rollex watch." ~Rusty

"I took the two hundred grand from the safety deposit box in Mexico City, the Banco Comer. This was 1984. When I got outside, two DEA agents accosted me. One stuck a gun in my back and they marched me to their car. After they realized it was hundred dollars bills in my satchel, they took me two blocks over and handed me off to the Federalies who put me in the trunk of their Crown Vic. They were told to kill me and I was driven around for fifteen hours. Only my political connections saved my sorry ass." ~Lencho

"The DEA took money and dope every godamn time they showed up." ~Eddy Lepp

"The DEA stole fifty thousand dollars from me and a hundred thousand in cash from my pardner." ~Big Dave

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