Sunday, January 16, 2011

Putting it bluntly....

Can we really be so stupid to believe this chaos stops neatly
right along our border? Graphic: Christian Science Monitor
I think you should sit down next time, with whomever it may be, and put it to them bluntly: 'Who here amongst us thinks they know the real facts to the war on drugs and who knows the real solution?'

Then you tell them the truth: 'It's not the cartels, it's corruption. Drug-war means good money from seized assets for the DEA and excellent graft for those who feel justified to steal it.

At least one hundred million dollars per year is divvied-up this way, top to bottom. That explains why the war on drugs has gone on for over a hundred years. 

Now, this 'legalized' greed, bigotry and prejudice is causing our Southern borders to be
so compromised by the cartels that we about to invade Mexico before the cartels invade the US. Are you willing for more of our children's blood to be shed so that this disasterous war can rage on?

Write congress, picket your courthouse demainding that the DEA be disbanded. That is my message to you all here today. For proof I direct your attention to HOAX which is well documented.

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