Monday, January 10, 2011

Eddy Lepp

Charles Edward Lepp is a Vietnam War veteran, currently serving a 10-year sentence for the crime of "conspiracy and cultivation with the intent to distribute marijuana".
Photo: 420 Magazine

According to Wikipedia, "Lepp became the first person arrested, tried, and acquitted under California’s medical marijuana law. A subsequent raid on his property in 2002 resulted in confiscation but not prosecution. After this, the gardens really took off, and Lepp devotedly explored the intersections between the religious and medical uses of marijuana. The couple formed a church, Lepp became an ordained minister, and their property became known as Eddy’s Medicinal Gardens and Multi-Denominational Chapel of Cannabis and Rastafari where he grew more than 20,000 pot plants in plain view of a state highway in Northern California's Lake County.

This large grow, even though compliant with California law, did not sit well with Federal officials who arrested him again and barred him from using medical marijuana or religious defenses. He was convicted in September 2008. From time to time, we will share some of Eddy's comments:

"Visits are a wonderful thing. Sadly for must of us they happen way too seldom. A friend of mine has been in for 14 years with 6 left to go and has had 3 visits total. For a country that encourages family values, we do little to encourage they last with outrageous sentences from the start." ~Eddy Lepp

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