Sunday, January 2, 2011

National Security

HOAX: Manifesto of the Marijuana Prisoners Committee To End the War on Drugs, a PDF book by Inmate9 now availble for immediate download, begins a new dialog. When they handcuff children in the name of law and order (see article in post, below), they go too far. We must demand a Congressional investigation. A critical analytic look at our nationl secruity, with no rose-colored hyperbole.

Action must be as swift and immediate as a surgeon removing a cancerous tumor. Consider, we live today in a world where the police we pay to guard our liberty are taught to lie. In fact they are taught that it is their duty to dupe and coerce others because this is somehow necessary to safeguard our common good.

Can anyone say "Orwellian double-speak"? How about poppycock...!!!

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